Functional IT - Testimonials from satisfied customers

“I cannot believe how much better and more efficient I am since I’m now using Outlook Today to help me organize my day!”
“I really thought—how bogus, an Outlook class. I thought I understood Outlook. I learned so much. It changed the way I organize my day.”

James V.

“Now, if I need to set an appointment, all I have to do is schedule it via the much easier than making a dozen phone calls!”

Tony M.

“No more hassles finding out the status of a task I’ve given one of my employees - I just check my Task list and all of the information is there! So easy!”

Doug D.

“I use to have to call and wait to find out when my deliveries would arrive. Now, I just web browse to check the delivery shedule!!.”

Jeannine S. (Customer of FIT customer)

“Trying to locate my supervisor’s emails from my lengthy email list was a daunting task...even color-coding didn’t help. Now I have a special Inbox just for her! Messages from her are quick to access!”

Courtney V.

“Man we thought we had backups. Until our system crashed and we couldn’t restore, we didn’t know that our tapes were being overwritten every night. Functional IT tests the restores and show us it is working. “

Ruth F.

“I let Functional IT come do a system audit and they found 18 of my 23 computers infected with viruses. And I thought I had virus protection”

Gary B.

“Your Helpdesk is great. They follow-up on problems until they are fixed.”

Shannon G.

“We’re not used to getting such professional service because we’re a small business.”

Maurice D.

“Our email wasn’t being backed up for 2 years even though our backup software showed that it was. We avoided a disaster thanks to Functional IT.”

Robin E.

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