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Online Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • A network assessment found there were 3 backups running. Emails were backed up 1st, Data files were backed up 2nd and the scheduling database was backed up 3rd.  The proper way to set this up would be to have the 1st job start at the beginning of the tape (i.e. overwrite the tape) and then append each of the 2 subsequent jobs to that same tape for 3 backups.  What we found was that each of the jobs had inadvertently been set up to overwrite the tape each time it started.  So Job 1 ran, then Job 2 ran but it wiped out the saved data on the tape, when job 3 ran it again wiped out the data from job 2.  In essence, they HAD NO BACKUP OF THEIR EMAIL OR DATA FILES.  Had this not been corrected, based on our findings, a server failure 3 months later would have lost all their email and data files.
  • We were referred to a CPA with a failed hard drive. 1st question we asked was “Is there a backup?”. She said “Yes – that PC has a tape drive and it is backing up this PC”.  She had told the IT person to do this but no one ever confirmed it was done. They should have!  As a result, there was no backup of 20 years of tax returns.  It cost her $4,800 to recover “most” of the data.
  • An advertising company doing media work for a major furniture company thought they were doing backups when they changed the tape every day.  Upon looking at the backup software, the backups had been failing for 4 months and to make matters worse, the server did not have a redundant hard drive.  So a single hard drive failure would have lost years of media work for their major customer.  What would the customer have thought had they known this?
    According to virtually every research organization – 80% of businesses with fewer than 100 employees have grossly inadequate backups.  Do you KNOW that your backups are what they should be?

Functional IT claims that the largest expense with most business with fewer than 100 employees is time lost and wasted because the network is not setup right and does not work as it should.  We see companies with 1 to 12 minute logins (it should be 5-10 seconds at most.)  We see companies where every employee takes 10-15 seconds to open a file (that should be 2-5 seconds). If 20 employees open 20 files per day – you do the math!
  • Networks are complicated and not everyone who claims to be a network engineer knows what they are doing. 
  • FIT claims that a crisp and clean running network will effectively add a new employee for every 20 employees a company has. 
  • This could easily be the most significant cost savings a company can have. 
  • If you want to save money, invest a little to save a lot!
  • Do all employees have access to sensitive company information – PR and Profits?  About 60-70% of the companies we assess have company information available they do not want to be available.
  • Is your firewall set-up correctly?  How do you know?
  • Do your people really know how to use the software at your comapny?  Or are they doing things the wrong way costing much more time?
How much money does your company pour down the drain every day?

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