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  • Technology is a tool that is “supposed to be” used to do more than just ease our lives. It’s a tool to enhance your personal productivity and increase the quality of your work.
  • When a company chooses to allow technology to be used as this kind of a tool, then the company benefits as a whole.
  • Employees who embrace the technological features designed for more efficient work will always benefit a company!!
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  • How Do You KNOW that Your System is not Virus Infected? Transmitting Computer Viruses to Your Customers Will Make You Lose Them.
  • How Do You KNOW Your Backups are Good? When did You Last Test To See If They Can Be Restored?
  • How do you KNOW your firewall is setup right? Can you verify the IT person set it up right and it is still working?
  • How Do You KNOW You are Getting the Most Productivity From Your Employees? Crashes, Reboots and Poor Training Kill Productivity
  • Does your current IT person use a check list? Have you actually seen what they do?
  • When was the last time your virus signatures were updated? If it wasn’t today your system is at risk!
  • How many of the 65,000 ports available to viruses and hackers are open on your system?
  • Do you have a real firewall or just software that claims to be a firewall? Do you know why your firewall software is not performing as it claims?
  • Are your backups being checked and verified for completeness and integrity?
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