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Functional IT Software Development

Your business and your operations are unique, so Functional IT can help you configure your existing system to help you work smarter and more efficiently using practical solutions. We offer;

  • Custom Software Development
    Our custom software developers and design engineers can create an interface to communicate with your computer programs and streamline its applications to fit your business. So we provide customizable software solutions that help your employees work better and faster.

  • Proprietary Software
    We have solutions that can enhance your productivity. xFIT, docuFIT and xportFIT and these are configurable applications.
Functional IT Software Development
  • Application Development - Have you outgrown your custom software - where possible we will take your existing programs and change them to meet your specific needs.
  • Custom Software Development - Why use generic programs when you could be using software that is customized for the way you do business?
  • Software Packages - Why spend lots of money on a large suite of software you will never use when you only need a quarter of it's capability.
  • Configurable applications that interface with all areas of your business such as CRM, Document Imaging, Accounting Systems, etc.
Functional IT - Houston Software Development
  • With a custom solution from Functional IT, you get all the benefits of custom software without any of the cost or hassle.
  • xFIT - Online file sharing solutions that lets you share documents with your employees and clients remotely (online).
  • docuFIT - Document Management software that lets you place all your documents in one place that is safe, secure and lets you keep control of who reads, edits and forwards it.

Contact Functional IT to get more out of your employees and more out of our custom software development and software packages that provide the best business solutions.

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