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Why Do You Need Our Education and ConsulTraining Services?

We provide customized computer program training that is created according to your company's specific
requirements. This means your employees get customized training on the particular software they use
making them able to accomplish the tasks they do more effectively.

What makes our employee software training different?

  • We train your people on your equipment, in your office, on your problems
  • We design custom workshops to train your people to use the features that enhances productivity on the software you already own
  • We train in 1 or 2-hour classes, the way adults learn not all day classes that are less effective
  • You only pay for the instructor’s time – not per student so we are more cost effective
  • Our complete focus is on enhancing the productivity of your staff which saves you time and money

Functional IT ConsulTraining In a pre-training consultation, we determine which software applications are being used and design an employee training program that will teach all of the components that are pertinent to your business-everything you need, and nothing you don't.

Most businesses have software that could make their employees more efficient, but according to Gartner Group and Forrester Research, most employees don't know how to use 90% of the functionality available to them. Let Functional IT's education and consultraining services help your employees.

What is ConsulTraining?
In short it is Productivity Enhancement!
We train you (either at our training center or at your office) based on your company needs. Using resources and software that is already in place allows your people to work together more effectively! 

People cost a lot of money. Get more work done with fewer people this training always results in a real payback.

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Time Management Class Series Functional Classes Series Remedial Classes Series Additional Classes
Microsoft Outlook Classes MS Outlook
Microsoft Outlook Classes Change Management
Functional IT's Microsoft Word Training MS Word Application
Functioanl IT's  Microsoft Excel Training MS Excel Application
Functional IT's Microsoft Outlook Training MS Powerpoint Application
Functional IT's Basic Computer Skills Basic Computer Skills
Functioanl IT's  Microsoft Word Training Basic Miscrosoft Word Training
Functional IT's Microsoft Excel Training Basic Microsoft Excel Training
Functional IT's Microsoft Outlook Training Basic Microsoft Outlook Training
Functional IT's AutoCAD Training Auto CAD Training Series
Functioanl IT's Crystal Reports Training Crystal Reports Training
Functional IT's Remote Access Series Training Remote Series Training
Functional IT's BlackBerry Series Training Blackberry Series Training

  • Time Management Series

  • Microsoft Outlook
    The Outlook Series of classes focus on ‘organization’.  Calendaring, tasking, keeping up with Personal and Public Contacts, and using Outlook Today effective tools are topics that are covered in this training series. This means in a 24 hour day you will be able to get through more of your 'to-do list than you did before.

    Change Management
    Change Management is a tactical approach to managing changes that happen in your industry in order to maintain a competitive edge.   Successful businesses deal with this change ‘head-on’ while unsuccessful businesses do not. Incorporating Change Management Meetings helps your business processes improve because it solves the problem of the “left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.” .

  • Functional Classes Series

  • While working, your employees will know how to use the tools that enhance their specific needs. We create classes that focus on how your company uses;
    Microsoft Word Series
    Microsoft Excel Series
    Microsoft PowerPoint Series

    When upgrading the versions of these applications our training ensures that your employees will be able to handle the changes much more effectively.

  • Remedial Class Series (Microsoft Software Training)

  • Basic Computer Skills
    Desktop Interface Toolbar: Standard vs. Advanced, Start/Task Tray, View Tool, Including Clipboard feature/Clip Art, etc.  Navigation, Various Programs, Terminologies.

    Basic Microsoft Word Training
    Word Window Overview, Alignment, Headers/Footers, Page set-up, Margins, Mixing page layouts in same document, Ruler, Tabs Stops, and Indent Marks.

    Basic Microsoft Excel Training
    The Excel Toolbar. Formatting a simple Excel Sheet, Working with Cells, Merging, Manipulating, Copying, Cutting, Pasting, Inserting Cells/Rows/ and Columns, using very basic formulas and functions, Saving a Workbook, Printing a Workbook.

    Email (Customized to the version of Office)
    Email Toolbar, Viewing Email, Organizing Emails, Customizing Emails, Email Options, Sending attachments.

    Remote Access
    Remote Access terms, Data Folders Offline.

  • Additional Classes

  • Auto CAD Training Series
    Because there are so many aspects to this application, the class will be designed/customized by the Client and FIT on an ‘as needed’ basis.

    Crystal Reports Series
    This class is designed around the procedures involved in creating Crystal Reports and is a specific to the report that is to be generated by the Client.

    Remote Access Series
    Except for a general/overview class “Basic Remote Access,” these classes are designed around the Client’s needs and what remote access infrastructure exists.  These are customized classes.

    VPN, OWA (Outlook Web Access),  TS (Terminal Services),  TS WEB,  RAS (Remote Access Services), RPC (Remote Procedure Calls),  PDA (Personal Digital Assistant),  THUMBDRIVE,  OFFLINE FILES

    BlackBerry Series
    We provide comprehensive BlackBerry training that enhances employees' abilities to utilize relevant features and functions of this device.

Contact Functional IT today to set up a pre-training consultation and discuss the many benefits of customized training and it's impact on your businesses bottom line.

Phone: (866) 895-3574 or (281) 681-0030
Fax: (281) 378-4922