Functional IT - Data Center Hosting Services
At Functional IT LLC, we know how critical data backup is to the vitality of your company. In the event of a disaster, you must have a way to access your critical files.

Functional IT - Blackberry Hosting Services

Our virtual private server hosting is the best protection for your company's most valuable assets - your data. Should you need disaster recovery, you'll be able to be back up and running immediately.

There are many choices, but the most secure and manageable choice is Functional IT's virtual server web hosting. With our database hosting:

  • Automatic Saves - Redundant files are immediately created as you work - with no time lost in between.
  • Access - We make it possible for you to have access to all of your documents anytime and from anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Visual Servers - You simply login with a username and password on a virtual server to access our online data backup.
  • Backup Storage - Our online backup storage requires no disk or other devices.
  • Less Equipment - You get secure virtual private server hosting.
  • Uninteruppted Access - You will always have accessibility to your files without interruption.

Functional IT - Exchange Server Hosting

  •   Web pages – with and without Microsoft SQL server databases
  •   OnLine Disaster Recovery Backups (live database ready to go)
  •   Microsoft Exchange Server hosting with optional disaster recovery replication
  •   Exchange for Outlook Mailbox Hosting
  •   BlackBerry Hosting
  •   Virtual LAN and Virtual Server Hosting
  •   Postini Hosting
With traditional backup disaster recovery, you may be waiting days or even weeks before your data is once again accessible, and there's still a risk that data was lost in between the time the system created redundant files and the time disaster struck. This kind of backup isn't always convenient, reliable or possible.

Contact Functional IT today to see how our unparalled Data Center Hosting, Exchange Hosting, Postini Hosting Services and Virus Protection services can benefit your business.

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