xFIT - secure online file sharing Have the freedom and security to transfer or share files of any size

  • Secure File Transfer from local or remote locations
  • Send files of different types with unlimited uploads/downloads
  • Sending large files via US mail or overnight is expensive and slow
  • FTP is hard to use & not secure - our web interface is easier
  • Allow or disallow downloading, printing or saving of files
  • File History logs - record all activity related to files in the system
  • Secure - Security enforced using full SSL 128-bit Encryption
  • User/Group management - manage all users on one screen
  • Apply expiration dates by user (expired files are inaccessible)
  • Adhere to government, industry, corporate, and legal mandates
    - HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley
  • 80% of companies don't have reliable back-ups
  • 99% of companies have no disaster recovery
  • You have remote access to files across web browsers (IE, Firefox)
  • Automatic remote/local duplication of your data (mirroring)
  • Easily recover any files that have been stored or backed up
  • Automatically duplicate files between assigned destinations
  • Setup local and remote backups from a single user interface
xFIT Customer Case Study

All users login and see only their data. All Data is sent and received with encryption.

Keep control by tracking who reads, writes and downloads each file. Easy check in/check out.

Document Management OCR/Indexed searching allows easy access to data.

Seamlessly configure the software to your industry needs with HIPAA compliance.

Contact Functional IT for more information on how you can implement Functional IT's xFIT - the online file sharing software to fit the needs of your organization.

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