docuFIT - document workflow management from Functional IT houston - document management tools

  • Get instant access to ALL your data fast - save time looking for documents
  • Save paper-storage costs - electronic imaging with docuFIT means no paper is needed
  • Store business documents, medical images, CAD drawings, photos, e-mail, XML-tagged documents, web pages, fixed content and more
  • Access your documents from anywhere - i.e. from any computer or via the internet
  • Track revisions of all your documents - record who reads, edits, views your documents (security for HIPAA compliance)
  • Annotate documents with notes, stamps, images or other graphical elements
  • Ensure document integrity (security) - always maintain the original record
  • Adhere to government, industry, corporate and legal mandates - like HIPAA
  • Check In and Check Out capabilities
  • Distribute packages (specified paperwork) to users easily - e.g. Training Manuals, Invoices, Employee Handbook
  • Workflow Automation - avoid repetitious paper assembly

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People are expensive the average worker spends 30-60 minutes per day searching for paper. Cut this by 90%

Service the customer right the 1st time. Have the information they want when they want it!

Built-in Backup and Disaster Recovery provide business continuity and save IT costs.

Perfect for most industries, including the medical, legal and engineering fields, our document control software uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to make documents instantly accessible. OCR is the electronic translation of handwritten or printed text captured by a scanner and transferred into text that can be machine-editable.

Built from the ground up on a security layer with 100% capability, documents can be "indexed" from other windows applications so finding documents with docuFIT business document management is as easy as picking from a list of active projects.

Contact Functional IT for more information on how you can implement Functional IT's docuFIT - the document management software to fit the needs of your organization and implement a document management system.

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