Functional IT's Productivity Enhancement
All the benefits of custom software without any of the cost or hassle
Customized software solutionsOur revolutionary software design is configurable to meet your industry needs.
productivity enhancment toolsFully integrates with your existing software eliminating the need to buy new software.
document management solutionsVastly reduce the time and cost to create and distribute documents and reports.
time saving software solutionsWorking in days - not weeks or months.
docuFIT  - document management services in houston Document Workflow Software
  • Cut time workers search for paper by 90%
  • Automate workflow
  • Store all documents at one source for instant access
  • Save paper storage costs with electronic imaging
  • Meet security compliances - e.g. HIPAA
  • Built in backup and disaster recovery
docuFIT Case Study
xFIT - Updateable File Sharing Application Web-based file transfer service
  • Web & Server based file sharing
  • Easy File Replication
  • Unlimited file size uploads and downloads
  • Remote access to your files
  • Meet security compliance - e.g. HIPAA
  • Track every read, write or download of your files
  • Secure xFIT data depository
  • Easy file recovery from backups
xFIT Case Study
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Contact Functional IT for more information on how you can implement customized software solutions, or our proprietary products like docuFIT - document management and xFIT - file sharing software to fit the needs of your organization.

Phone: (866) 895-3574 or (281) 681-0030
Fax: (281) 378-4922