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Building Strong Partners and Alliances because "Nobody is as smart as all of us!"

Houston, TX

Partner opportunities locally.

Functional IT is in the process of forming strategic alliances with companies in the copier and telecom industries in Houston, TX. Our goal is by partnering with companies, we can provide all of our customers a quality way of doing business based on cutting edge technologies, professional ethics, and substantiating a high ROI.


Reseller opportunities throughout North America.

Functional Software Corp creates intelligently designed software products ranging from Large File Transfer to Document Management Solutions.   Our software is not only of superior design compared to the average "pre-packaged" software, but is also scalable in its scope of functionality.  In other words, each customer can have their software uniquely designed for their needs.  After all, why spend $8,000 on a document management program if it has 221 features but cannot do exactly what you want it to do!

Functional Software Corp. has a comprehensive reseller program.

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