Functional IT - Customized Software Development
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Functional IT - Customized Software Development
  • Our Experience
    Our approach and best practices let’s us see things others do not.
  • Vision
    The Functional IT vision is to provide the strategic consulting, and technical implementation, to enable our customers to achieve their strategic goals by using IT as one of the tactical tools.
    We hear prospective companies say "Computers are a large hole into which we pour great sums of money".  FIT customers do not say that!
  • Mission
    Implement our Vision by demonstrating a business centered, financial, Return on Investment (ROI) approach to enable our customers to see that Information Technology can have a significant impact to be a cost-effective tool to achieve their long-term goals!  
Functional IT - Customized Software Development
  • Highly tenured in both Software Development and Network Infrastructure.
    • Installing PC-Based networks since their inception in 1984
    • One of the first 10 Novell dealers in 1984
    • Microsoft Certified Partner since 1992

  • Functional IT is comprised of business professionals with exceptional technical expertise
    • We understand that in today’s ever changing, hyper-competitive work environment your company needs a competitive advantage.
    • We can promote that differentiation by streamlining your IT and Network Systems, and Document Workflow while at the same time creating the highest return on your investment!

  • Strong partnerships "Nobody is as smart as all of us!"
    • Functional IT has partnered with other top leaders in business communications to insure full optimization of all components critical to your business success.

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